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Blackheath Group Exercise Terms & Conditions

Medical Considerations:

Prior to your first visit to a Blackheath Group Exercise (BGE) class, you are required to complete a health questionnaire, which will be retained safely and securely by BGE.  

o It is your responsibility to be honest with your medical information and, if you have any specific medical conditions, to make BGE aware.

o Once completed, it your responsibility to tell BGE of any new ailment, injury or disease that may affect your ability to exercise.  

o Whilst BGE takes its responsibility towards delivering a safe and effective class, the final medical responsibility as to whether it is safe for you to exercise rests with you, your GP, physician, clinician or specialist.

If you are an ‘All Access’ member or have a ‘1 Week Pass’, BGE reserves the right to halt your sessions if your medical condition changes:

o A doctor’s letter or certificate will be needed to prove it is safe for you to return to exercise.

General Considerations:

Classes start and finish at the times published.  If you are more than 5 minutes late, the instructor reserves the right to not let you attend:

o It is important that, before the class commences, the instructor can ‘screen’ the class and gain relevant important medical information.  By being late, you will affect the instructor’s ability to deliver a safe and effective class and disturb the others in the class.

BGE will maintain a website, facebook account and twitter account so that it can communicate with its members and attendees.  

o BGE asks that everyone who uses BGE services to sign up to either the website, facebook or twitter accounts so that we can contact you in the event of an emergency.  

o We value your custom and would like to make sure we can keep you updated, especially in the case of an emergency (e.g. unexpected sickness of an instructor, inability to access one of our venues etc.).

‘All Access’ members agree to pay a monthly standing order and the membership applies to that person only and cannot be shared or passed onto any other person:

o Your monthly subscription allows you unlimited access to any class provided by BGE.

o Membership is paid by standing on the 1st of the month and gives you access for that calendar month.

o An initial tranche of 50 memberships will be offered, guaranteeing that member unlimited access to all BGE current and future classes for the monthly fee of £45:00 for the life of their membership.  BGE will not increase their monthly subscription for the life of their membership.

o In the event of that person leaving BGE ‘All Access’ membership, the above price guarantee will cease and, in the event of them re-joining, it will be under the rules and prices current at that time.

o After the first 50 memberships have been taken, BGE will offer ‘All Access’ membership at a price to be determined by BGE nearer that time.

o In the event of joining mid-month, a pro-rata payment can be made in cash or by bank/phone transfer to BGE for the rest of that month until the 1st of the next month.  Your standing order will then cover future payments.

o In the event of ill health, please refer to the medical considerations above.

o You may cancel your monthly standing order at any time.  Please talk to Paul Folan to discuss your membership termination date and your right to attend the classes as an ‘All Access’ member finishes on the date agreed with Paul.

o Refunds of your standing order will only be considered in the event of a medical condition and proof of that condition will be required from the diagnosing physician, clinician or specialist.

o In the event of your bank refusing to pay the agreed standing order, BGE reserves the right to cancel your ‘All Access’ membership with immediate effect and you lose the rights and privileges of an ‘All Access’ member with immediate effect.

‘1 Week Pass’ members are entitled to attend any class provided by BGE for 7 days after payment and the membership applies to that person only and cannot be shared or passed onto any other person:

o In the event of ill health, please refer to the medical considerations above.

o Payment can be made by cash or bank transfer (we regret that we are unable to accept cheques, credit or debit cards as payment).

o Once commenced, the ‘1 Week Pass’ must be used for the following 7 consecutive days and sessions cannot be banked or refunded.

o Refunds of your payment will only be considered in the event of a medical condition and proof of that condition will be required from the diagnosing physician/clinician.

‘Pay As You Go’ refers to those who prefer to pay on a class by class basis.  BGE still requires the completion of a health questionnaire for everyone who attends their classes (either via the website or by completing a paper based form).

‘5 Classes of the price of 4’ discounts apply to both Premium and Standard classes.  

o Purchasing ‘5 classes for the price of 4’ can only be applied to a specific class and, once purchased, the discount applies to 5 consecutive classes.

o You may purchase as many ‘5 Classes for the price of 4’ discounts as you see fit and for as many of the classes offered by BGE as you would like to.

o You can-not transfer your discount to other classes or transfer your discount to any other person.  It must be used by the person who purchased it and can-not be given to any other person (even a family member).

o Should BGE have to cancel a class, the discount will be carried over.

o With the exception of health considerations (please see above), your discount can- not be carried over to subsequent weeks and must be used concurrently.

‘1st 2 Premium Classes for £10’ discount applies to the first two Premium classes purchased by a new member to that class or by a person on their first visit to BG’s classes.

o Your discount can be used at any 2 concurrent Premium classes run by BGE.

o Once purchased, the discount can-not be transferred to any other person; once activated, the discount can-not be paused or held over with the exception of health issues (please see above).

o Only one discount can be purchased by any individual and can-not be used in conjunction with any other membership or discount offered by BGE.

The ‘£15 for two back to back’ offer only refers to either BGE’s Saturday ‘Ultimate Boxercise’ and ‘Core Conditioning’ classes  or Monday 7pm ‘Boxing Circuit’ and 7.45pm ‘Fab Abs’ classes:

o Sessions cannot be transferred between days or be ‘banked’ from one week to another.

o Once purchased, the offer applies to that person only and cannot be shared or passed onto any other person.

BGE reserves the right to offer future promotions and incentive separate from those incentives or membership already mentioned.

In the event of an instructor not being available to teach, BGE will endeavour to find a replacement, suitably qualified and insured instructor to deliver the class.  There may be times when a slightly different class may need to be delivered than that quoted on our timetable.

o  BGE also reserves the right to cancel classes if the event of public holidays or of the venue it hires is not available.  BGE will do everything within its power to contact ‘All Access’ members and ‘1 Week Pass’ members directly and will post updates on its website, facebook  and twitter pages to let all others know.

BGE takes your right to privacy seriously.  

o BGE will not pass your medical information on to a 3rd party unless there is a medical emergency and the information you provided us is vital to your treatment.

o BGE will not pass on/sell your personal information onto any other company outside of the BGE and Adappt Group.

o With Facebook and Twitter, please make sure that you take every precaution with your personal information and privacy when joining/friending/agreeing to becoming part of BGE’s online presence.